We’ve seen some wild wildlife videos through the years, including plenty involving our native kangaroo. But one we came across this week might be the most impressive of all.

An Aussie golfer captured what he described as a ‘stampede’ of the marsupial hopping across his home club Heritage Golf & Country Club in Victoria. And let’s just say these kangaroos are rolling thick as the kids say. Have a look:

Wow. That’s a lot of kangaroos.

“We have kangaroos on our 2 courses at Heritage Golf & Country Club, but I’ve never seen this before!!” Stephen tweets. He later confirms this was recorded on the fourth hole of the St John course there just outside Melbourne.

But wait, there’s more! A second angle from another golfer playing there on Monday:

Amazing, indeed. In case you’re wondering – and thanks to a quick Google search – we know that a group of kangaroos is called a mob, a troop, or a court. The more you know. And according to Stephen, the kangaroos don’t bother the golf course much:

Also good to know. So, tourists: if you ever play golf Down Under, you might need to be a bit more lenient in terms of playing out of footprints in bunkers. And you should definitely have your phone ready to take video.