What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a round of golf? Odds are, it wasn’t as much as one golf pro wound up paying to play one hole last week.

The Fire Pit Collective’s Ryan French, a.k.a. Monday Q Info on Twitter, shared the painful tale of Blake Abercrombie. A former PGA Tour Canada and PGA Tour Latinoamerica player, Abercrombie entered the first stage of Q-School for the DP World Tour.

The 27-year-old plunked his €2,000 entry fee down, spent even more on travel to Denmark from the US, and, well…

Disqualified for using a rangefinder? Once? Ouch, indeed.

Rangefinders are being allowed at more and more golf tournaments. In fact, that above photo of South African tour pro Daniel van Tonder is from the 2021 PGA Championship, where this helpful piece of technology was legal.

But unfortunately for Abercrombie, they still aren’t allowed at DP World Tour Q School. And even more unfortunate is that using one even once results in a disqualification.

Yeah, yeah, Blake should have known to ask before teeing off. Still, that’s a pretty harsh rule – and one all golfers can learn from.

Anyway, hopefully Blake at least got to do some sightseeing in Denmark. We hear it’s lovely there at this time of year.