We’ve seen plenty of gator videos go viral through the years. Large gators, even larger gators, smaller gators overrunning a golf course, a gator tangling with a large python, and even a gator tangling with a metal fence (and winning quite easily). But a gator charging at a golf cart? Now that’s every golfer’s worst nightmare.

But such was the case recently in a place called Ave Maria, Florida. And if these golfers even had time to pray, fortunately, those prayers were answered.

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Thanks to WINK News chief meteorologist Matt Devitt we have video of this terrifying encounter. And it might be the wildest wildlife video we’ve ever seen. Check it out as two golfers driving down a path get as close as you’d ever want to with a giant reptile headed back to a water hazard before having to veer away:

Yikes, that was close. Think those guys’ hearts were beating a bit faster for a few moments? My word.

The video has been shared elsewhere and many of the comments point out that the golfers probably should have let the gator pass in front. And that the reptile only charged at them because it was feeling threatened.

Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less scary for those two golfers. That thing was still charging. And in that moment when you spot a gator, your first reaction is just to try to get away from a gator as quickly as possible—especially because you’re always told they won’t attack if you leave them alone.

Anyway, we’re glad no one—and no reptile—was hurt. And if you’re playing golf in Florida and you happen to cross paths with a gator, do NOT actually cross paths with it. Gators always have the right of way. Lesson learned.

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