It’s customary at team events for captains to give a gift to players to remember the event by. Typically it is a custom-made item that highlights the tournament course or region.

For the Presidents Cup, the PGA Tour worked with the creative minds at Seamus Golf to design an Australian-themed keepsake for Tiger Woods to give to the team. Sources say that Woods requested a boomerang-inspired gift. Seamus took it from there to create a one-of-a-kind steel-mounted boomerang with a hidden bottle opener on the back.

The boomerang has the Presidents Cup logo hammered in the middle and wood-carved flag design elements on either wing – USA on the left and Australia on the right. The base of the figure is in the shape of Australia with a bronze plate on it inscribed with the course name, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, and the year of the matches, 2019.

The gifts were shipped to each player this month, but they were given a sneak peek at the tournament. Word has it that the original boomerang presented to the team in Australia came in a special-designed box that, when opened, played the song “Down Under” by Men at Work, getting the lyrics “Do you come from a land down under?” stuck in everyone’s heads (including ours) almost instantly.