We’ve all heard the horror stories. Perhaps, you’ve even been the victim of this real-life nightmare. You know the one. You retrieve your golf clubs from baggage claim only to realise they’ve been damaged.

It’s an absolute punch to the gut – especially if you’re just getting to your golf-trip destination. And no one is safe from it happening, not even the best players in the world. But there is something you can do to help prevent this. And it’s really freaking simple.

(Side note: this doesn’t apply if you already have a hard travel cover. In fact, I’m not sure why all travel covers and cases aren’t made with a hard cover. Maybe travel-case manufacturers are in cahoots with golf-club manufacturers?)

Anyway, check out what one golfer did to protect his precious possessions:


Absolutely brilliant. And again, simple!

If that company was still doing those genius “Real Men of Genius” commercials, adding this golfer would be a no-brainer. Just look at this follow-up tweet!


That’s enough to make me want to drive anywhere just to avoid checking a golf bag ever again. And, of course, even if you do protect your clubs, there’s still no guarantee the airlines aren’t going to lose them. Yep, you’re better off just driving. No matter where you’re going.