The European Tour’s creative video content the past few years has become the stuff of legend, seemingly covering all angles. Tour pros have been pranked, fans have been pranked by tour pros, tour pros have tortured themselves with all-day hole-in-one challenges, and maybe most famously, Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood “slept” together after their celebrated Ryder Cup partnership.

So after compiling so much good content, the tour decided to make a video focusing on the creation of content. And once again, it’s brilliant.

Dubbed The Content Committee, Fleetwood is back leading a fivesome of deadpanning golfers as they sit in a boardroom and attempt to come up with ideas for videos that will go viral. SPOILER ALERT: They (purposely) come up with really, really bad ideas. Henrik Stenson, Lee Westwood, Thomas Bjorn, and Eddie Pepperell were also enlisted in this four-and-a-half minute clip that’s well worth your time:

It’s hard to pick an MVP, but Stenson is tough to beat when delivering dry wit. That being said, Pepperell has the best line of the clip when, after sharing an idea that is entirely bleeped out, he says, “I just think I’m a little ahead of my time, which is, I suppose, true of all great thinkers.”

Also, call us crazy, but “Glove Island” and “Monty’s Pythons” actually sound like potential hits. . .