Fore, right!

This unfortunate volunteer working the 17th green of the Valero Texas Open was just minding his own business all day, doing his job, when Max Homa launched a drive on the 335-yard par 4 over in his direction.

In an attempt to get away from the ball quickly, Mr Volunteer, wearing a navy blue bucket hat, took an awkward, yet hilarious fall and created an instant viral moment.

The man was kneeling down, which was fine at the time, but that was what created the problem. He tried to stand up and get out of the way so quickly that he fell backwards and was laid out flat on the ground, ending with his arms spread out, almost like he was going to do a snow angel. Minus the snow.

The gallery applauded. The man stood up to take a bow and quickly hustled over to put a flag marker near where Homa’s ball ended.

“The most committed volunteer out there,” Curt Byrum said on the NBC Sports broadcast.

Dan Hicks chimed in with, “He’s got that video for life and his friends are blowing up his phone right now.”

All good stuff during an event that needed a little spark on television.