This week, Scottie Scheffler withdrew from the Wells Fargo Championship as he and his wife Meredith continue to anticipate the birth of their first child. It won’t exactly be a relaxing weekend for the Schefflers, but the same can’t be said for Scheffler’s caddie Ted Scott, who got an unexpected staycation when Scottie pulled the plug at Quail Hollow. From the looks of things, the veteran looper is making the most of it as well, teeing it up with BOTH of his victorious Masters flags flying from the cart on Tuesday.

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Scott, who is a dang good golfer himself, playing on mini-tours for several years before transitioning to the bag, started a new Masters tradition in 2022 when he took home the entire flagstick instead of just the customary flag. When Scheffler won his second green jacket last month, Scott claimed his second Masters flagstick. (Scott was also on the bag for Bubba Watson’s two Masters victories but didn’t work up the courage to grab the entire flagstick until Scheffler’s maiden win).

The victorious yellow pins aren’t just for show, however. Scott has used them as props in various videos over the years, seen sleeping in bed with them the night after Masters, showering with them and even mowing the lawn with them. Now he’s flying them from his cart like the Jolly Roger on an old pirate ship. You have to love that bravado, especially heading into the year’s second major, where Scheffler will hope to be a bit more accurate than his caddie off the tee …

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