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Pop the prosecco and prepare to celebrate because spring and summer golf fashion has finally arrived!

GolfBox has curated a selection of the hottest styles in women’s golf clothing that will keep you cool, comfortable and confident on the golf course. Head online to GolfBox to see the full range of women’s golf clothing.


Super comfortable and chic, an Adidas golf skort is the kind of classy wardrobe necessity that will inspire confidence on the golf course. 

Available in a selection of cuts and styles, Adidas golf skorts have a stretchy feel and a comfortable waistband that allows a full range of motion, while the inner shorts keep you covered no matter how hard you launch at the ball.

Featuring a blend of recycled materials, Adidas skorts also have front and back pockets to keep your tees, ball markers and gloves securely stowed.


Ever had one of those rounds where it felt like you experienced four seasons in one day (Melbourne, we’re looking at you)?

For such times, a Puma Quarter Zip pullover is a handy addition. It’ll take the edge off the chill when required but a breathable fabric blend of recycled polyester and elastane, with built-in moisture wicking technology, offers a high level of wearable comfort.

And the Puma Women’s Quarter Zip, available in three tri-colour designs, is light enough to take off and store in your bag if, or when, the sunshine does appear.


Protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun is a prerequisite when playing golf in the brutal Australian summer. In that regard, Puma YouV women’s golf clothing has, quite literally, got you covered.

The entire collection has a UPF rating of 50+, which prevents UV rays from reaching your skin. With that in mind, layering up with a versatile Puma YouV Mariposa quarter zip pullover appeals as a wise SunSmart selection.

Made from lightweight, stretchy fabric, the Mariposa pullover (available in black, blue and pink) also features moisture-wicking technology that will keep you dry and cool in even the most oppressive summer conditions. 


Hybrid is an overused word. There are hybrid vehicles. Hybrid flooring. Even hybrid caravans, whatever that means. But Ecco W Biom H4 golf shoes are hybrids in the purest sense of the word.

Sleek, athletic and possessing a vigorously youthful appearance, they are shoes designed for exceptional performance on the golf course yet offer equally outstanding performance for wherever your feet lead you.

Crafted from durable leather and equipped with water-proofing protection, Ecco hybrids keep your feet comfortable and dry while offering a high level of support and stability. And with their modern aesthetic, Ecco W Biom H4 kicks offer effortless style, every time.


If you’ve ever wished you could turn the air con on during a stiflingly hot round, then IBKUL women’s golf apparel might be your best hope.

IBKUL’s IceFil fabric is designed to wick away your perspiration, offering immediate cooling relief by lowering your skin temperature by up to five degrees.

The patented fabric blend also offers excellent sun protection (UPF 50+), while its anti-microbial properties will keep your skin feeling fresh and dry. 

And for extra breathability, the IBKUL long-sleeve mock-neck top features a mesh panel on the inner sleeve and underarm that boosts airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable in any athletic pursuit. 

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