Srixon is set to introduce the sixth generation Q-Star golf ball. The Srixon Q-Star is available in Pure White™ and Tour Yellow™ and officially launches in Australia this month.

“This latest generation of Q-Star golf balls offers great all-around performance,” said Brian Schielke, general manager at Srixon. “With a lower overall compression compared to previous generations, the new Q-Star delivers better distance off the tee and enhanced feel when approaching the green.”

The new Q-Star shares technology with Srixon’s tour-validated Z-Star Series, but it’s packaged into a two-piece, ionomer construction for great value and performance.

The reformulated FastLayer Core features a lower compression number for a straighter, more sustainable ball flight, especially for players with moderate swing speeds. FastLayer works in tandem with Q-Star’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern for immense distance gains.

Meanwhile, the sixth generation Q-Star golf balls offer unprecedented greenside spin performance. Spin Skin with SeRM, a unique coating on every golf ball, digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, dramatically increasing friction and maximising spin for more stopping power on every shot.

Key technologies:

·       FastLayer Core: FastLayer delivers exceptional feel and ball speed. With the new sixth generation, a lower compression delivers superior flight, especially on low-lofted clubs.

·       Spin Skin with SeRM: A coating with flexible molecular bonds digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximising spin for more control and more stopping power.

·       Enhanced Alignment: Line up with confidence thanks to the new and improved alignment line.

·       338 Speed Dimple Pattern: The unique 338 Speed Dimple Pattern boosts overall distance and accuracy due to less drag and a more penetrating ball flight.

Models: Pure White, Tour Yellow

Price: $37.95

Retail launch date: August 2021