As you are painfully, excruciatingly aware, Jon Rahm is no longer a PGA Tour player.

In December, Rahm grabbed the $600-million bag, threw up two middle fingers and bounced. We know this. We didn’t dream it. It actually happened. But on Tuesday at The Sentry Championship, our eyes told a different story when a fully bearded man eerily resembling the Basque bruiser appeared on the range at Kapalua like a ghost of Christmas past.

The footwork is a dead giveaway, of course. After the initial “WHAT YEAR IS IT!?” shock wore off, it became obvious this wasn’t Rahm, no matter how much we wanted it to be, but instead a fully bearded Scottie Scheffler.

So what’s going on with the World No.1? What sort of midlife crisis would compel a man to rock a full beard in Hawaii in January? We’ll update you with more as the story develops, but for now one thing is certain:

We’ll be seeing a kinder, gentler meaner, grittier Scottie Scheffler in 2024.