Fans and media lauded Shane Lowry the entire week at Marco Simone for being, well, Shane Lowry. From cheering on his European teammates, to holding them back, to grabbing their faces and telling him he “f–king” loves them, the Irishman’s Ryder Cup performance was a sight to behold, both on the course and on social media.

Yet another video of Lowry dropping an F-bomb is making the rounds, and it’s not from the party bus or from a bar the European team was celebrating at. This clip comes from a fan who was on the grounds at Marco Simone on Sunday, where Lowry halved his singles match with Jordan Spieth.

The clip begins with Lowry taking a practice swing over a pitch he’s about to play from some thick rough, with a bunker sitting between him and the green. After the practice stroke, a marshal tells the fans to “stand still” and “don’t move, please”. Lowry, without missing a beat, turns to the marshal and says, “You’re making more f–king noise than anybody else.”


Boy, that escalated quickly. Surely, there had to be more that happened before this for Lowry to react so aggressively. In fairness, some marshals/volunteers do tend to take their “jobs” for the week a little too seriously, many often overstepping the line between being helpful while staying out of the way and flat-out getting in the way any chance they get. Perhaps that’s what this guy was doing, and then him making more noise was the final straw for the former Open champion.

Still, though, Lowry could have been a little softer on the poor dude. It’s not like he was talking while he was over the ball or purposely trying to mess him up. Embarrassing him like that was probably a bit uncalled for, but hey, it’s Shane Lowry so it’s all good. If an American player had done this, we’d be discussing life in prison as punishment.

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