Do you believe in beginner’s luck – that the purity of doing something for the first time can yield incredible results? If not, perhaps this Redditor might convince you. Recently u/handsome_smart_devil took his wife to play golf for the first time (a lucky lady if that username is accurate). Obviously expectations were low, but when she stepped up to the tee and took her first cut, something almost magical happened. Behold.

Took my wife golfing for her first round ever. This was her shot on hole 1…
byu/handsome_smart_devil ingolf

“It was on a par 3 course and the front tees were 95 yards,” u/handsome_smart_devil writes. “But still… that close to a hole-in-one on your first real golf shot is ridiculous. She then has the audacity to say ‘this sport is easy’ as she putted in her birdie.”

One hole in the books and she’s already sledging like the boys. Sounds like a keeper.

The law of averages eventually came calling, however. Despite the opening birdie, she finished her nine-hole round with a 63 while he finished with a 29. He called that a “terrible” round for him, but at least his better half didn’t beat him to a first-ever ace.

“I would’ve flipped if she got a hole-in-one before me,” he said.

Honestly, we know you’re supposed to support your spouse – for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, all that good stuff – but we can’t say we blame him.