How we transfer weight during the transition at the top of the swing is crucial in generating power and ensuring crisp contact. I see many amateurs struggle by either starting the downswing before they have completed the backswing or leaving weight on the back foot through impact.

Try this simple drill to ingrain the type of weight shift we want in the golf swing. Take your stance and place a golf ball out in front of your toes on each foot. After taking your stance, bring your lead foot back to your trail foot. When your lead arm reaches 9 o’clock – 3 o’clock for left-handers – step back to your original position to a full finish. Try this swinging at 50 percent effort at first and then speed up as you become comfortable with the movement.

Letting the body – and not the arms – lead creates lag, which is crucial for better ball-striking. 

Quick tip: Shape shifter

A slight variation to this drill will enable you to hit fades and draws on command. For a fade, when you step back into your original position, allow the lead foot to move slightly left to a more open position. For a draw, step forward and slightly to the right to a more closed position. This will train your body for the movement required for whichever way you want to shape it.

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[Main image – Getty images: Warren Little]