Tiger Woods’ and Phil Mickelson’s relationship has evolved quite a bit over the years. From cold rivals in their heyday to becoming better friends now as their battles on the course are fewer and farther between, these two legends of golf have become much more warm as they come closer to the denouement of their careers.

Of course, Tiger wound back the clock last year and won the Masters, proving he’s got more to etch into his legacy. With Fox Sports replaying the final round of the 2019 Masters regularly this past week, one small detail shared by the Masters on Twitter got our attention.

The account shared a congratulatory note on a napkin hanging from Tiger’s locker in the Champions’ Locker Room, which appears to have been from Mickelson.

Photo courtesy of @TheMasters


Here’s the full post shared from The Masters’ account, including a cool look at Tiger getting his green jacket tailored in the locker room.

Tough to say whether that note was a little passive aggressive from Phil. Was there a notepad hanging around somewhere in the Augusta National clubhouse? We’d venture to say yes. But ultimately, perhaps Phil probably just improvised with whatever he could find in the Sunday rush inside the Champions Locker Room. Even if the napkin was slightly used, it’s the thought that counts, right?

After all, some great things in history have been written on a napkin (any Harry Potter fans here?), so we’ll bet Tiger did appreciate the gesture from his former rival. Though Tiger might’ve sent Phil a text after seeing the note that was along the lines of, ‘Really, buddy? A napkin?’