[PHOTO: Icon Sportswire]

If you’re heavily involved with golf, then there’s a good chance you also dream about the sport. That’s certainly been my experience as a golf writer, and I even documented a year’s worth of night visions last year. But while they haven’t always been good dreams—yes, I have that nightmare when you can’t hit the ball for some reason—it’s never gotten to the point where I’ve woken up in a cold sweat.

That might not be the case for Willy Wilcox.

The former PGA Tour pro and now looper works for Sungjae Im. And overnight, Australian time, the caddie revealed the ‘recurring nightmare’ that has him tossing and turning at night.

Hey, it makes sense. The wrong wind leads to the wrong club, which leads to the wrong shot, which leads to a bad score, which could lead to your player getting mad, which could lead to not winning in addition to less money in the pockets of both player and caddie. You get the point. Caddieing—especially with millions on the line—is stressful!

But as one person reminded Wilcox, it could always be worse:

Sweet dreams, Willy.