Extravagance is no stranger to the world of private golf. Modern architecture seen in newer golf clubhouses such as Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey, which hosted the 2017 Presidents Cup, the newly opened Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas or The Bridge in Bridgehampton, New York, are replacing the more traditional type of clubhouses seen at places like Medinah or Winged Foot.

The latest example of this new-age type of architecture is on display at Palm Desert’s Bighorn Golf Club, which just opened its brand-new clubhouse. The club – boasting two of the best courses in the desert, its Mountains and Canyons courses are both ranked within the top 30 in California, one of the most competitive states in America – knocked down its existing structure to go all-in on a new building that has a confirmed price tag of $US70 million(!). Yes, just for the clubhouse. $AU88 million!

Why so much money? Once you read about these features, you’ll get the idea: The structure includes four “penthouses,” ranging in size between 5,200 and 6,800 square feet – or about quadruple the size of your first apartment – sitting within the clubhouse to be used by members and their guests. The 80,000-square-foot clubhouse is built 1,000 feet above the floor of the valley to create ideal vistas of the desert, with interior and exterior travertine walls that were imported from Portugal and floors made with limestone imported from Peru.

Plus, new indoor and outdoor event spaces look as if Radio City Music Hall meets Coachella – to accommodate an expected 250 private parties in 2018.

You need to see the photos and videos for yourself. But we don’t think we’ve seen anything like this.

Here’s the view looking out from the back of the clubhouse – complete with a horizon waterfall.


A golf professional’s paradise: This is the pro shop at the newly opened Bighorn Golf Club.
The living room and bar inside Bighorn look more like a posh New York City nightclub than a golf clubhouse.
Nope this is not the scene at an electronic-dance concert. It’s the outdoor event space at Bighorn.
The aforementioned event space at night.
And here’s the view as you pull up to Bighorn.

Over-the-top? Probably, yes. An impressive project to construct in just 16 months? Absolutely, yes.

Here’s a video with more views from the club: