By now, we’ve all binged enough video content to recognize when some creative editing might be overdramatizing a moment. Our radars went up during one of the first trailers for Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Full Swing’ series, and we had to ask PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen and his caddie Geno Bonnalie about it.

In the scene, cameras cut to a Waffle House where Joel and Geno—who are featured prominently once again in the latest season of ‘Full Swing’—are looking intently at Geno’s phone as audio is played from news stories announcing the news of June 6th and the announced partnership between the PGA Tour and the PIF that shocked the golf world. The scene seemed too perfect … did camera crews just so happen to be following Dahmen and Bonnalie eating at Waffle House while this news broke to capture their reactions in real-time? How good are these video crews?

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Turns out, it wasn’t exactly how it seemed. We got time with Dahmen and Bonnalie a few days ago as part of promotion of the new ‘Full Swing’ series, which is available now on Netflix, and we asked them about this moment. We’re so glad we did—because what they were actually doing on their phone while the Netflix crews were capturing them at Waffle House was so much funnier than you might imagine.

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The Netflix magic is certainly real. To turn a moment of Dahmen and Bonnalie joking around— applying to jobs at Waffle House for Joel—into them discovering this news while devouring some scattered, smothered and covered hash browns is too good to be true. Quite the 180.

We do urge you to watch the episode with Dahmen and Bonnalie from this season of ‘Full Swing.’ Their episode last season was a lot of people’s favorite one. This one might be better, as crews followed Dahmen as he struggled for the majority of 2023, and we get to see the emotional toll that took on both of their lives.

I mean, it got to the point where Bonnalie was jokingly applying for jobs at Waffle House for his best friend. Be sure to watch the episode—and when you do—come back to listen to our full recap pod, where we have more insights from Dahmen and Bonnalie—and a bunch of others featured in this season. You won’t want to miss it.

Listen to our ‘Full Swing’ reaction episode of The Loop podcast here: 

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