ROBERT Allenby called Mick Middlemo a “fat c**t”, but now the caddie is branding his former boss a liar.

The pair spectacularly fell out during the first round of the Canadian Open on Thursday, when Middlemo quit the Aussie veteran’s bag mid round, saying Allenby called him “fat c***” and threatened to have him “banned for life” from the US PGA Tour.

Now, Middlemo believes Allenby “made up” the story he was bashed and robbed in Hawaii in mid January.

The story made international headlines when Allenby posted a photo of his bloodied face on Facebook the morning after.

“Do I think he got mugged and bashed and absolutely robbed? No I don’t,” Middlemo told The Courier-Mail.

“That’s the story I told because that’s the story he told me to tell because I wasn’t there.

“Do I think he just fell over and cracked his head? Honestly I do. I think he fell over and someone picked up his wallet and had a great time with his credit card.”

Middlemo then compared the 44-year-old, four-times winner on the US PGA Tour to disgraced tennis star Bernard Tomic.

“The way he talks to people on the golf course is mind-boggling. To marshals, volunteers,” he said.