This weekend Chicago was abuzz. Not only was legendary Blackhawks defenseman Chris Chelios set to have his jersey retired, but Chelios’ longtime friend Michael Jordan (perhaps you’ve heard of him) was scheduled to make a rare appearance in the Windy City to commemorate the occasion. Celebrate good times come on!

Unfortunately, when the seats began to fill at the United Center on Sunday, His Airness was nowhere to be found, reportedly cancelling his visit due to a death in the family. He did, however, pass on his congratulations to Chelios in a video message that was played on jumbotron during the ceremony.

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You’re seeing what we’re seeing right? Jordan clearly filmed his message to Chelios right on the golf course. There’s no hiding that and it doesn’t seem like MJ was even trying to. He’s daring the entire world to call him a liar and we certainly aren’t going to be the ones to do it. It takes a real sicko to play the “death in the family” card as a golf excuse and we’re not sure Jordan has sunk to that level yet. Plus, as some have pointed out, he is wearing all black. Perhaps a solemn 36 is just his way of mourning.

That said, Jordan’s no-show on Sunday was his second in as many months after skipping the Chicago Bulls’ Ring of Honor ceremony in January due to tensions with teammate Scottie Pippen. It’s no surprise native Chicagoans are getting restless. We can’t believe we’re saying this, and we can’t believe MJ needs to hear it, but there is such thing as too much golf.

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