Within the glorious chasm that is golf Reddit, a simple question was posed: Anyone get paired up with women on the golf course? The question brings up a singular situation in golf: You’re a man at the golf course, shy of a foursome, and you’re paired with one, or several, women.

Though golf has come a long way in welcoming women (but still has work to do) there are plenty of male golfers who play their golf almost exclusively with other men. It’s 2023, the days of the golf course being a man-only destination are over. If you go as a single, there’s a chance you’ll be paired with a woman. And if you’re a man who’s never played golf with women, check out the Reddit thread. The reviews of playing with random women are in, and they are fantastic.

One Reddit user, codycamper717, who posed the question, wrote, “It’s always a delight for me, personally…. They always have snacks and compliments.”

Other hilarious comments:

“I played with two grandmothers, they were hyping me up like I was prime Tiger. F*cking great! I shot a 77 off that energy at a hard course I had played once prior. Take a lesson my sh*tty friends, if I hit a good shot say good shot.” — DegenGolfer

“I generally love it. If they’re good? Great. If they’re not? They don’t b*tch and moan at themselves and require psychiatric intervention every ten minutes while dragging the whole group down with them…. On average women are a lot better about just having a good time, talking some crap and not taking themselves too seriously out there.” — KwisatzHaderach38

“Got paired up with two older ladies at my local course…. They couldn’t hit the ball more than 100 yards and picked up when they got fed up with a hole. Half the time they just dropped at my ball so that we didn’t have to hit from two sets of tees. We all talked shit about the people in front of us the entire round and they offered me some white wine from their cooler. 10/10 would play with them again.” — thesneakywalrus

“I played with some random women. They taught me FABIO! … F*cking Awful But It’s On!” —613insurancebroker

“Turned out to be an amazing experience and ended up adding them on Facebook to play together again another time. They brought snacks and Fireball shooters for birdies. Oh and they literally hit every fairway!” — PrisonMike4911

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com