Each year, the Masters Par-3 Contest unofficially heralds the start of the Masters, a resplendent calm-before-the-major-season-storm. But the Par-3 Contest itself doesn’t truly begin until the first ace falls, and this year that honor belonged to Luke List, who reeled in a beauty on the 140-yard 6th hole early Wednesday afternoon. Watch it and weep tears of joy.

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Making matters even better for the List family is the fact they’re Augusta locals, moving to the area about five years ago. We don’t know how often List gets to play Augusta National’s short course but it sure seems like there’s some home cooking at work here.

Of course, List will be hoping his early hole-in-one doesn’t hold up over the course of the afternoon. As we all know, the winner of the Masters Par-3 Contest has never gone to win the Masters itself. At +18000 heading into the tournament, that’s probably not going to happen for List anyway, but when it comes to Augusta National, it’s best not to tempt fate.

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