AUGUSTA, Ga. — At 48 years old, his body aching more and more by the minute, it’s fair to wonder just how many more Masters Tiger Woods has left. At least from a truly competitive standpoint. We’re not that far off from Woods showing up as a ceremonial golfer at Augusta National (if we’re not there already). After that, the next logical step would be that the five-time Masters champion would be an honorary starter.

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Not so fast my friend, says Woods, who told the media on Tuesday in the interview room that he believes if everything comes together for him, he could get one more green jacket. 

“I still think that I can [win],” Woods said. “I haven’t got to that point where I don’t think I can’t.”

That said, as Woods’ physical limitations continue to mount, it seems we’re far closer to him hitting the ceremonial opening tee shot on Thursday morning than we are to seeing him don a sixth green jacket. Woods has given that absolutely zero thought, however.

“No, no,” he said, chuckling. “No, I have not thought about being a starter here, no.”

For those keeping score, that was four emphatic Nos. Who can blame him? He’s not even 50 yet and we’re already rushing him into old-old-man territory. We forget, he can still move it off the tee with the best of them and his hands around the greens are still as soft as ever. Most importantly, he still remains an elite iron player. Like he said, if everything comes together, he can get one more. Then, he’ll address the honorary starter issue. 

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