AUGUSTA, Ga. — Ludvig Aberg had to feel on top of the world as he made the turn on Sunday at the Masters. After draining a long birdie putt on No. 9, the 24-year-old (briefly) held the outright lead on a beautiful day at Augusta National as he walked to the 10th tee chomping on a delicious snack. But that’s when disaster struck, literally, in the form of a patron’s hand.

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Despite the magnitude of the moment, the young star seemed completely at ease high-fiving excited patrons. He made a critical error, however, by using the hand holding the aforementioned snack.

Watch as the food gets knocked to the ground, causing Ludvig to give a classic reaction:

So good. Well, to watch. That’s a dagger to young Ludvig. We can’t tell if that’s a power bar or one of those Augusta National moon pies, but either way, he didn’t get to finish it. The five-second rule is a non-starter when there’s kitty litter sprinkled all over the ground.

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And, who knows, but it could have cost Aberg a green jacket. Kidding. Sort of.

At the time, Aberg was making a serious charge, but minutes after losing his snack he double bogeyed the 11th hole and never held the lead again. Just saying. Was that patron a big Scottie Scheffler fan looking to disrupt Ludvig? Again, who knows?

Anyway, in addition to this Masters rookie learning plenty of valuable lessons about Augusta National on Sunday, he learned something else he can take with him the rest of his career: Don’t high-five with food in your hand.


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