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Jason Day has confirmed he was asked by Augusta National to remove a controversial sweater vest he wore during the second round that was ridiculed on social media.

Day became an ambassador for Malbon golf earlier in 2024, a Los Angeles-based golf clothing company. Malbon is known for its chic street clothing, often featuring bucket hats, baggy pants and avant garde, retro sweaters.

On Friday at the Masters, the former runner-up wore a vest emblazoned with the phrase, “Malbon Golf Championship.” He was playing with Tiger Woods and Max Homa.

Former world No.1 Day was quizzed by a reporter after he shot a third-round 76 – dropping to eight-over for the tournament – about a rumour circulating online that an Augusta National official had asked the Queenslander not to wear the vest.

“Yeah, they asked me to take it off – the vest off yesterday. The busy one [sweater]. Respectfully, you do that because it’s all about the tournament here, and I understand that. I respect the tournament. That’s what we’re here to do is try and play and win the green jacket.”

The 13-time PGA Tour winner said he didn’t ask for the reason why he was asked to take it off.

Day: “I don’t know. I didn’t ask. They said, can you take it off? I said, ‘Yeah, no worries.'”

The 36-year-old Day was then asked what he was “trying to do” by wearing it.

“I wasn’t trying to do anything. They just scripted me in it, and I was wearing it. They [apparel sponsors of pro golfers] send you the scripting and say, this is what we want you to wear Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I’m like, ‘OK.'”

Day was asked where the request came from, to which he answered, “It came from Augusta National don’t know if it was a green jacket. I don’t know who it was. They asked, and I respectfully took it off.”

It comes after Day’s outfit was mocked by golf fans on social media for a second consecutive day. Malbon had scripted” (dressed) Day in aggressively baggy pants for the first round. On day two, Malbon had Day in a sweater vest bearing the “Malbon Golf Championship” phrase.

The baggy pants on Thursday and sweater vest on Friday did have some fans, though.

Day’s quest for a second career major and maiden green jacket will have to wait at least another year. At eight over, he was 15 shots from the lead on Saturday afternoon. Day has finished second, third, 10th and fifth in his Masters career.

“Man, it’s difficult [to win a major] because everything was flying when I won my first major, but I would essentially say like this golf course is so different compared to all the other major championships we play,” he said. “The major championships we play, we change golf courses pretty much every year. They’re all different lengths and sizes and shapes. This, it’s more of a sometimes we get the scoring years where you can go and shoot low ones, and then there’s some scoring years like we have this year where the scoring is like not low. It’s difficult. You have to be very patient. You have to pick and choose where you have to go and plot yourself around and then just try and – like it’s very difficult to make a lot of birdies. So you’ve got to try to capitalise the opportunities when you have them, but missing it in the right spot is key.”