It must be hell being a celebrity out in public, especially now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Everything you do is scrutinized, recorded and then posted on social media for the rest of the world to see. Perhaps the best event to attend for this reason (and many, many others) is the Masters. No phones allowed? You’ve got Harry Styles’ attention.

A golf fanatic, Styles made his way to Augusta National this week and appears to be having a pretty swell time. The pop sensation and former One Direction member threw on his shades and a blue jumper to watch the best golfers in the world tee it up.

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It’s unclear if he’s reunited with former bandmate Niall Horan (who’s also at the Masters) just yet. The latter might still be waiting in line for a Masters Gnome. Styles is such a golf obsessive that he once begrudgingly left a golf tournament early to make his own concert.

Gabby Herzig, a golf reporter for The Athletic, former Golf Digest writer and apparent Styles fanatic, went up to chat with the musician on the 17th tee on Thursday after “two minutes of deep breathing” to build up the confidence to say hello. The following is their now-viral back-and-forth:

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Gabby: “Are you guys waiting for Bryson [DeChambeau]?” (Thought this would be a chill entry point — I spotted Harry out of the corner of my eye, literally standing 3 feet away, and proceeded to plot how to say hello for a solid five minutes before actually going for it.)Harry: “No, we’re actually watching Christo.” (Christo Lamprecht, one of the amateurs playing in the Masters — I think someone in Harry’s crew knew him)G: “Oh awesome. Are you enjoying the day so far?” H: “Yes definitely, how about you?”G: “It’s awesome. Have you been to Augusta before?”H: “Yes, last year.”G: “Have you played the course?”H: “Yes I have.” G: “Any highlights? Birdies?”H: *laughs* “Yeah, you know, a couple birdies…” G: “Well I hope you have a great time, I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan, and I love your music.” H: “Thank you, what’s your name?” *extends hand for handshake* G: “Gabby, it was great meeting you.” Aaand scene.

There are quite a few takeaways here, including the fact that Styles is a friend/fan of 6’8” amateur Christo Lamprecht and that he seems to be a first-rate fella. But the main tidbit here is that not only has he played Augusta National … he’s even (modestly) made a “couple” birdies.

Styles won Album of the Year just one year ago, so his career’s going just fine, but if he ever wants to pivot to golf, it’s not like he doesn’t have the game.

@theopen @HSHQ Teeing it up on the Old Course today in St Andrews #harrystyles #hshq #golf #golfing ♬ original sound – The Open Official

At this point, it’s unclear if his lyric “You showed me a power that is strong enough to bring sun to the darkest days” is about another person or the game of golf. Perhaps someone else at Augusta National can ask Styles that.


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