AUGUSTA, Ga. — If you think Brandel Chamblee justs shows up on the “Live From” set to engage in unsubstantiated hot-take artistry, you are sorely, sorely mistaken.

Chamblee is a dedicated researcher. A copious note-taker. It’s why he’s able to have such conviction in all of his arguments. Whether you believe they are wrong or right, you cannot contend that they are not well-thought out and always sharply explained. 

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Case in point, Chamblee’s utterly chaotic notepad from Friday of the 2024 Masters. Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch snapped a photo of the Golf Channel analyst’s second-round scribbling, much of which can be made out with some good ol’ fashioned zooming in:

These are the notes of a person who is very sick in the head, and we mean that as a compliment. We’re talking about golf sickness. This is the sicko-ist golf sicko maybe of our time. This man somehow found a way to weave in a Shakespeare reference:

Or how about this in between his notes of Bryson DeChambeau’s (“BDC”) first and second nines – “Avoda. Hebrew word – precision.” Buddy, what?!?!

Have to wonder if Brandel was experiencing a little bit of what he likes to call “Sensory Blitkreig” on Friday. 

These didn’t make the notepad, but Chamblee provided a number of other gems during the “Live From” broadcast in the evening:

Just give this man the ball, clear out and let him cook. 


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