Stepping up to the tee is always a tall task. There’s a lot to think about. Power, contact, whether you should hit into the slow group in front of you. But apparently now you have to worry about gigantic snakes too? This is truly the final straw.

Elitha Peachey—a self-described, golfer, spontaneous soul and animal lover—had quite the encounter recently at the Atlantic Beach Golf Club in Cape Town, South Africa. She may be an “animal lover”, but this seems like too much for anyone.

Sydney golfers run into venomous red-bellied black snake HIDING IN CUP; it’s time to go home, everyone

That terrifying serpent is technically a Koperkapel, otherwise known as a Cape cobra. They’re highly venomous, known for their rich yellow colour and should NOT be anywhere near a golf course. It’s one of the most dangerous snakes in all of Africa, and if venom is injected, a human’s body will go into paralysis potentially leading to respiratory failure.

Photo: Willem Van Zyl

The mongoose in the background in the video is a predator of this tee-snake, and we’re certainly cheering for the carnivorous mammal in this extreme circumstance. An upset cobra is certainly not what we want to see while hitting the course.