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You know what they say about one door closing and another door opening: Peter Malnati got his first PGA Tour win in nine years, but that, unfortunately, coincided with this golfer getting dumped while on a Tampa golf trip. These opposite ends of the golf spectrum occurred just an hour’s drive from each other in Florida, signifying just how chaotic the game of golf can be.

Girlfriend dumped me while on a golf trip, go get that putter/driver
byu/fentonfs ingolf

“I’m on a golf trip to Tampa from the greater Boston area,” Redditor fentonfs writes. “On hole 16 at Lake Jovita, I got a text that my girlfriend has left the apartment, taken the pets and has blocked me on everything. I still have two more days down here so I have no idea what is back at my home.

“This is the photo I sent to her one hour before she let me know she was gone. It’s at the turn at Jovita, which was great course. I’ll be looking at putters and drivers when I return north, look at one too in solidarity.”

Now, this is a brutal response to a photo of your boyfriend having a nice day. Clearly, there’s more there, but the optics are harsh. Taking the pets and a full block. Hope this man was able to enjoy his time at Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club at the very least.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Reddit (kind of) came through with supportive messages from fellow golfers trying to cheer up this poor sap.

“Whatever’s left can be managed but you’ll be thankful down the road. Enjoy the golf,” wrote one. “Women may come and go, but the ability to 3-putt lives on forever. Scream out a big loud F**K on one of those greens for us, my guy,” responded another. Quite a few even stated that they’d buy a club or two in his honour with one even posting his new putter. That’s a beautiful sentiment. Maybe the internet is good sometimes.