Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club has never looked better. The course is a prestigious links-style layout located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, straddling the magnificent Tuggerah Lake and the Pacific Ocean.

For irrigation, Magenta uses Class B-treated sewerage with an emergency bore water top up to feed the on-course dam. Like most golf courses, Magenta has faced some challenges over the years with diseases and pathogens plaguing its fairways, greens and tees. 

Using treated water and bore water as the primary sources of irrigation for the course meant the water had virtually no dissolved oxygen and was high in chlorine and bicarbonates due to chemical treatment. Results from the dam’s water analysis testing came back showing that the course’s irrigation
water supply was the cause of ongoing turf issues.

Magenta was actively seeking a solution to these water quality issues and decided to install the NBT Sports Turf Solution. This system is designed to improve the quality of irrigation water to gain better outcomes for turfgrass.

After testing and consultation between the general manager, superintendent and NBT, the club proceeded with the installation. The process was straightforward, as the system has been designed to be “plug and play”. At Magenta, the Sports Turf Solution product works independently from the existing irrigation system, returning treated water back into the on-course dam. The treatment for the specific issues on course was determined to be a combination of both oxygen and ozone nanobubbles. Oxygen nanobubbles increasing root growth and leaf production, and ozone nanobubbles treating bacteria and pathogens at the source.

This has the dual effect of improving the quality of the turf and the quality of the water stored in the dam.

“We went from average root growth of approximately 80 millimetres across the course, to nearly doubling that,” reported James Newell, Magenta’s course superintendent. “We also save on water, fungicide and fertiliser inputs, and certainly see a more uniform turf quality across the course.”

It is the hyper-efficient gas transfer achieved through the patented nanobubble technology which provides these results, with the Australian-made injectors producing the highest density of nanobubbles and smallest size nanobubbles on the market today.

The fairways and greens are now in fantastic condition, and the location surrounded by water and natural beauty makes a short visit or a weekend away to Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club a must-do experience.