Few things produce a more sinking feeling, no pun intended, than a ball headed directly toward the water. No amount of begging or pleading can save it from its ultimate demise. A literal act of God is your only hope.

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An AOG is basically what happened to Mackenzie Hughes on Thursday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, where water lurks at seemingly every corner of the golf course. It’s where we see some of the biggest numbers on the PGA Tour all season, none bigger than John Daly’s 18 (!!) at the par-5 sixth back in 1998. 

Hughes was able to avoid a big number on Thursday at the par-4 third despite the fact his second shot was destined for the drink. Not only did it ricochet off the rocks and onto the green, but it came to rest just five feet from the cup:

More like lucky break of the year. Pull this one out in a game of H-O-R-S-E and it’s a wrap. 

One thing about breaks like this one is you simply must convert on the ensuing five foot birdie putt. Bad news – Mackenzie did not. Then he bogeyed the par-5 fourth and he’s now two over after another bogey at the seventh. But at least he’s got a nice post-round story to tell. 

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