Photo: Michael Reaves

So you just tied the knot. Congrats! Unfortunately, the catering cost more than you expected, that Bali honeymoon isn’t going to pay for itself, and little ones could soon be on the way.

You’re probably wondering if it’s time to finally put your sticks on the market. NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!

There may be hope for you yet. Just ask Lydia Ko, who recently polished off eight rounds of golf… while on her honeymoon.

OK, so obviously it helps when, a) You’re the top-ranked women’s golfer on the planet, and b) Your partner also plays, but still, Ko’s groundbreaking getaway is proof that marital bliss and golf obsession may not be oil and water after all.

If that’s not enough to fill you with seething jealously, Ko also managed to hit a honeymoon hole-in-one while on her romantic sabbatical.

We don’t know if couples that play together stay together. We don’t know if a happy wife (or husband, in this case) really equals a happy life. But your marriage simply cannot get off to a better start than that.