There’s a lot happening here. Let’s get into it.

A golf clip has been going viral after being posted on TikTok by @kennethdavis8680 in which a man loses his cool (understatement of the century) after a ball was hit “kind of close to him”. We could debate this for days, but let’s just get to the video, which goes from 0 to 100 in a hurry.

This altercation starts with “We’ve got a Karen on the golf course right now” and turns into a horror movie of sorts. It escalates so quickly that one of the golfers had to break down what actually happened on social media.

“OK, I was in one of the golf carts,” yerrrrr explained. (We’re unsure if this is his God-given name.) “One of the girls hit her ball kind of close to him and we drove over so she could hit it again. He then grabbed the ball and said, “Oh no you ain’t! This is my ball now, b-tch!”. But that was a special ball to her so she wanted it back.”

The viral clip has jumped from TikTok to Instagram to Reddit in the blink of an eye. Everyone should have the chance to see something so unhinged.

These people hit into me. I had to show them who’s the boss.
byu/AnnoyingPhillyFan ingolf

A Reddit poster had a great take on this entire ordeal: “You can de-escalate a lot of fights by out-crazying the other party.” That seems to be what happened here.

There have been a lot of great quotes this year, but we don’t think anything’s going to touch “This is a man that’s been to heaven so if you wanna test God then come and get it, s–tstack!” Charles Dickens wishes he penned a line as fine as that one.

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