Build up to hitting the ‘big dog’.

[Image by Getty images: Michael Reaves]

There’s no escaping it; all kids want to hit driver. It’s the club they gravitate towards first and they all approach hitting it in the exact same way: as hard and as fast as they can.

However, if we want juniors to feel the thrill of a perfectly struck tee shot, we need to develop the foundational mechanics of the swing by working back through the bag.

After they have spent time around the green chipping and putting, the next step is to start building their full swing. As they reach for the driver, instead pass them their pitching wedge, 9-iron and 7-iron (or closest equivalent). Ask them to perform half swings with each club and to take note of the changes in trajectory and distance.

Next, ask them to perform three-quarter swings with each club before moving into what we want to develop as a full swing: a controlled motion where they focus on club position throughout the swing, not a licence to swing as hard as they can.

This is the foundation that will enable them to bomb drives as they develop. Just try to keep the ‘big dog’ on the leash for as long as you can.

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