The 2023 World Long Drive Championship doesn’t officially start until next week, but Kyle Berkshire just set another mark that’s going to be tough to beat.

Earlier this month, the long-haired bomber broke a world record by registering a ball speed of 241.6mph. And now he’s hit the longest drive ever documented. WARNING: Get ready to feel inferior about your own pop off the tee.

Berkshire pulled off the feat of strength at the Rochelle Ranch Golf Course in Rawlins, Wyoming, hitting a golf ball an absurd 579 yards (530 metres). Yep, you read that right. Have a look:

Damn. Do they serve a meal on that flight?

OK, so there were a couple conditions working in Berkshire’s favour. For one, he was at 6,700 feet of elevation. And for another, he had a 22mph tailwind. But still, 579 yards?! With 512 yards of CARRY?! Just absurd stuff. Anyway, good luck to anyone trying to beat this guy in Atlanta next week.

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