Frankie Capan III became the latest Korn Ferry Tour pro to fire a sub-60 round this year during Thursday’s opening round of the Veritex Bank Championship. Perhaps even more impressive was the fact he didn’t even realize he had shot 58.

That’s right, Capan had to be informed about making KFT history. And he found out from a familiar face: his mom.

Mrs. Capan confirmed as much in this sweet video released by the tour after that shows his parents following his round:

“He actually didn’t know he shot 58 when he walked off,” Charlynn said. “He asked me, ‘Mom, what did I shoot?’ ’58, buddy.’ He was in the zone. So it’s fun to see.”

Imagine losing track of how many under par you are? That’s one heckuva zone. Capan’s 13-under-par tied the KFT record for lowest ever score in relation to par.

Anyway, Charlynn was well aware of the score. A.) She’s a mom, and B.) She’s caddied for Frankie in a PGA Tour event before so she knows her stuff. But, yeah, this is a pretty epic screenshot:

Yes, it was, Frankie. Yes it was. Now go out there and try to do it again. And whatever you do, don’t think about your score. Your parents can keep track of that.

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