Quail Hollow’s brutal closing stretch has been affectionately/frustratingly dubbed “The Green Mile”. But during a practice round ahead of this week’s Wells Fargo Championship, there was also a bit of ‘green’ on the line there between two major champions.

Apparently, Justin Rose and Shane Lowry had a money match going when Rose’s tee shot on the par-4 18th nearly found the creek down the left side of the fairway. So despite the fact that this was just a practice round, Rose decided to take off his shoes and socks, roll up his pants, and attempt a heroic recovery shot.

“Amazing what someone will do for 100 dollars,” Lowry says in a video he tweeted. Keep in mind, these lads will be playing for a $US20 million purse this week at the PGA Tour signature event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It’s hard to hear what Rose says in response, but it sounds like, “Wouldn’t be for $100, not to lose another $100.” So seems like some kind of press bet was involved.

In any event, Lowry does some play-by-play commentary and is stunned by Rose’s result. “Oh, what a shot! Oh my god.” But, alas, it sounds like Rose’s golf ball went long. Have a look and listen:

However, Rose then quote-tweeted the video with a money emoji:

Well played, Justin. Guess it was worth the effort.