[PHOTO: Orlando Ramirez]

Jon Rahm rocked the world of professional golf with last week’s decision to leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. But after making a few initial media appearances around the announcement, golf fans shouldn’t expect to see the Spanish star for the next couple of months.

The reigning Masters champion was in Spain on Wednesday to accept an award for his career from a private club in his native Basque region. But he was surprised to see any cameras there and made it very clear he would not be doing any media, according to a Reuters report.

“I am under very strict instructions not to do public events, which I have imposed on myself a little bit for myself, and for the change I have given to the world of golf in the last week,” Rahm said.

When asked if he planned on giving an interview, the 29-year-old added, “No!”

It’s unclear where these instructions are coming from, but it has been reported that previous LIV contracts include restrictions about interviews needing to be pre-approved. Regardless, it sounds like the normally outgoing Rahm won’t be talking until the start of the 2024 LIV season.

“There will be nothing until February,” said Rahm, who is expected to make his LIV debut at the season-opening Mayakoba event from February 2-4. “I’m not allowed to.”

Does Jon Rahm to LIV make a PGA Tour/PIF deal inevitable? Or impossible?

Rahm’s deal with LIV has been reported to be worth anywhere from $US300 to $US600 million. And he now gives the Saudi-backed league three of the past five major winners as it continues its negotiations with the PGA Tour.

“I don’t consider that what I do is much different, and that I am more or less important than the rest,” Rahm said on Wednesday. “The only thing is that I’m seen on TV right now and that’s it… hopefully a little less so in the future.”