Jon Rahm has spoken many times about working out with fellow athletes like NFL stars J.J. Watt and Zach Ertz and swimming legend Michael Phelps, who, like Rahm, all call Arizona home. However, their kinship is not just limited to the weight room.

This foursome of superstars all hang out together, too. As do their wives, as evidenced by Rahm’s latest Instagram post. The group assembled to celebrate both Rahm and Ertz’s birthday on Friday, the former turning 29 and the latter 33. “I encourage you to guess what the topic of conversation was,” Rahm wrote in his caption:

As Watt also wrote on Twitter/X, “All sports were insulted equally at the table tonight.”

We’re glad to know they’d be discussing the exact same topics as we would, like who the best athlete in their respective sport is at the table, which sport is the toughest on the body, which is the toughest on the mind, and who would win in a Rahms/Watts vs Ertzs/Phelps’ in a 4-vs-4 basketball game. OK, so that last one was probably just something I was pondering, but you get the point.

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All kidding aside, you’d have a tough time if you did a true power ranking of all the athletes in this photo. If we’re going strictly based on accomplishments, Phelps is an easy No.1 but it gets very difficult from there. Rahm has two majors, while Watt is a three-time NFL defensive player of the year. Ertz’s wife, Julie, was a member of the victorious U.S. Women’s National Team in the 2015 World Cup, while Watt’s wife, Kealia, won a national championship in 2012 on the North Carolina women’s soccer team. And don’t forget Rahm’s wife, Kelley, who threw javelin at Arizona State University and can absolutely slang a football. The only non-athlete is Phelps’ wife Nicole Johnson, who just happened to be Miss California USA in 2010. What a roster of humans.