A simple drill to establish the ideal setup

To be successful in any aspect of the game, you first need to establish the proper setup. I see many amateurs who either stand too tall or whose body alignment is not where it needs to be at address; good contact from that position largely comes down to luck.

I give all my students a simple drill for setup and all you need is a room with a mirror. Stand tall, widen your stance and lock your knees in place. Put your hands on the top of your thighs and then push down to your knees. This gives you your upper body bend and pelvic bend.

Next, unlock your legs, let them bend a little and let your arms hang. This puts the weight in the centre, your eyes parallel to the shaft line and in position to make a well-balanced swing – a swing you can repeat.

It is important to do this drill in front of a mirror and to do it super, super slowly. At first you will feel like you’re facing down to the ground but the mirror will show that you are, in fact, in the correct position.

Spend five minutes a day establishing that position and you’ll be set up for more consistent ball-striking. 

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Getty images: Harry How