The formula for short-game success

Each July, the Open Championship highlights how golfers have an array of different shots at their disposal, depending on conditions. If we are playing on firm ground – such as at The Open – or on a softer surface, there is a simple calculation that can be made around the greens.

When you are chipping from firm turf with a clear path to the flag, take a mid-length club – a 7 or 8-iron – and aim to land the ball a third of the way towards your intended target and let it roll out the last two-thirds.

When the ground is softer and you need to fly the ball farther up the green, take a lofted club such as a wedge and aim to land the ball two-thirds of the way to your target and let it roll out the final third.

Assess the situation, make the appropriate club choice and commit to the execution.

QUICK TIP: Four-ball practice

It is likely you will face very similar shots during rounds at your home club. Find spots around the greens where you regularly play from and practise with four different clubs from each spot. Try a 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge and lob wedge, and you’ll quickly learn which is best suited for each scenario.

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GETTY IMAGES: Chris Trotman