Penetrate those winter winds like the legends of links golf.

We can’t escape the fact that those winter winds we’re all now experiencing can have an impact on our ball flight. The golf ball flies less in the cool air and any crosswinds exaggerate how much sidespin you may have imparted.

Perfected by the likes of Peter Thomson, Tom Watson and Tiger Woods on the links of Britain, a three-quarter punch shot is the most effective way to control your ball flight in strong winds.

Before you setup to the ball, think about a finishing position where the trailing arm stops at about 1 o’clock (for right handers). For your body to finish in this position, the club and hands will feel like they stay low through the ball, with the left wrist flat at impact. You’re effectively de-lofting the club through impact to produce a lower ball flight.

A 70 percent swing with good contact into the wind will come off at about 90 percent and the ball will fly like a dart.

This simple drill will improve tempo, timing, sequence, shot shape, distance and direction – qualities we want to possess for all 12 months of the year. 

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[Feature image from Getty Images: Warren Little]