Use this micro-move adopted by many of the game’s greatest ball-strikers.

How do you start the backswing? It’s a question that makes most mid-handicappers tremble, yet there is a simple move used by some of the game’s greatest players that you should use to start every swing – and it involves going forward before we go back.

A golf swing that starts from a static position will invariably be arms-oriented. When that happens you don’t load the core, you don’t load the right hip and you leave so much power on the table.

Instead, start your swing with a slight bump from the back knee towards the target and then rebound as the left side moves away from the target. That gives you a dynamic movement to start the swing and allows for really good rotation in the swing itself.

Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Jordan Spieth and Vijay Singh all had or have this micro-move to get them into rhythm and keep the club working on its natural arc.

Bump forward before going back to create proper rotation in the golf swing. 

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Getty images: Bettmann