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Strategy is the key to success on short 4s.

Short par 4s are not designed to be easy; they’re designed to challenge a player’s thought process on the tee.

Here at Newcastle Golf Club, our par-4 eighth hole often entices members to go for the green by taking driver. Big hitters will often find themselves in the valley 40 metres short, playing a shot from an uncomfortable distance with danger surrounding the green. It has turned many a straightforward par into a bogey, or worse.

There is probably a short par 4 on your home course that raises a question on the tee. The question you should be asking yourself is whether you can reach the green or not.

If you can’t – and if the best you can hope for is to be 30-60 metres from the green – it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Take the club that puts you in the most comfortable position for your second shot. Hit a confident shot from that spot and you may never make bogey again. 

Short, not soft

Laying up to a target distance requires intent. You are not hitting a shot softly; you are playing a full shot with the club necessary to play to the distance you desire. Make that mindset shift and rid yourself of the ‘safe’ shots that go wrong.

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