An app may hold the key to unlocking your best golf.

Tempo can be a tricky thing to teach because every person has their own individual cadence when it comes to the golf swing. Watch Ernie Els and Nick Price swing the golf club side-by-side and you will see two very different tempos.

Part of the reason for that is body type, but the major reason comes back to personality. If you walk fast and talk fast, your ideal tempo will be on the quicker side. Slow walker, slow talker; slower tempo. Tell a fast walker to swing slower and I guarantee the results won’t be good.

Whether it is their long game or putting, tempo is an element that the best players work on constantly. And you can, too.

I highly recommend the Tour Tempo app [below] for dialling in exactly the tempo that suits you. It will show you that Tiger Woods goes back in 27 frames and through in nine. Nick Price goes back in 21 frames and through in seven.

Understanding your tempo is the key to more consistent ball-striking. 

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