Up until Tuesday night, Indiana State has been known for one thing and one thing only: Larry Bird. Bird played three seasons for the Sycamores, leading them to a national championship showdown with Magic Johnson’s Michigan State in 1978-79. Following that loss, Bird moved on to the Boston Celtics. The rest, including the fate of Indiana State basketball, is history.

On Tuesday night, however, a random hero may have singlehandedly put the Sycamores back on the map when he stepped up at and drained this full court putt to win $10,000 big ones. For the first time in a long time, roars rang out across Terre Haute.

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It’s no Larry Legend buzzer beater, but it’s still pretty darn impressive. With the entire arena watching and the hardcourt running faster than a burnt Shinnecock green, this guy still managed to bag a 92-footer and what adds up to about a semester’s worth of Keystone Light. Lucky? Perhaps, but when the rest of us are out there bricking four footers with only the squirrels watching, it’s tough to criticize.

So anyway, congrats to this guy and to all of Sycamores nation. Enjoy the spotlight while it lasts, because there’s no telling when it might be back.

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