For my money (no pun intended) there is nothing more cringeworthy than paying off a lost bet to a mate, be it on the golf course or after a sporting event you took the wrong side on.

You can live with paying your bookie after a bad week, but a lost bet to a friend is something you’ll never hear the end of.

This was the unfortunate situation Ian Poulter found himself in recently with good friend and fellow Englishman Lee Westwood. Poulter’s beloved football team, Arsenal, played Westwood’s team, Nottingham Forest, in the FA Cup two Sundays ago. Naturally, they made a friendly bet on the game, though their idea of friendly is a cool $100.

Unfortunately for Poulter, Nottingham scratched out a 1-0 victory, and when it came time to pay the piper, Westwood made sure to whip out his camera for some quality content. Poulter returned serve by paying out the bet in hilariously salty fashion. Watch his hand as he hands over the cash:

Good on Poulter for paying up, and for possibly creating a universal method of paying out debts to close mates. If you have to endure that pain, a solid middle finger in return is very much within the rules.