There’s no doubt that this year’s WM Phoenix Open was as crazy as a professional golf tournament could be. Billy Horschel, like many other tour pros, finally had enough on the third day at TPC Scottsdale when he snapped back at some of the fans in the crowd.

Horschel spoke with Michael Breed on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio about the viral video that blew up of Billy Ho finally deciding to say something to the patrons giving him a hard time.

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“I was displeased by the level of respect,” said Horschel, referring to the trash talk and nonstop heckling.

Alongside Horschel that day was Nicolo Galletti, a 29-year-old out of Arizona State University, who was taking his second shot on the 11th hole when Horschel stood up for his player partner. Horschel told the fans to “shut the hell up” after Galletti took his shot.

“The guy’s just trying to take his shot, just trying to do his job,” said Horschel to Breed. It was just “loud talk” the entire time he explained.

Many on social media have responded that this is what this tournament is about, and it can be harsh from the fans, to which Horschel replied, “This tournament was never about going there and getting ridiculed from the fans … never the idea of this event.”

This year was certainly one for the books when it came to alcohol consumption. It was so crazy that the WM Phoenix Open is planning on enforcing changes for next year because of so many incidents.

The WM Phoenix Open has potentially crossed a line the last few years and according to Horschel, “It’s been a little much and I think it’s just gotten a little bit out of control.”

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