Staff Model

These balls are engineered for the most skilled players through their multilayer, dual-mantle construction. In fact, the construction of both balls is the same, with identical cover, core and mantle layer specifications. The dual mantles include a highly resilient inner layer and a firmer outer layer. The two contribute to better energy transfer and less spin off of longer clubs. The firmer outer mantle works in concert with the soft  urethane cover to produce more spin on shorter shots.

However, there is a striking difference between these two identical designs. The R version comes with an uncoated cover. That lack of a coating is designed to avoid the inconsistencies in surface coverage of the final-coating manufacturing process. Without that possibility, Wilson engineers found the “raw” finish produced more consistent distance and reduced dispersion compared with balls with a coating. They also found that the uncoated R model generated more friction on shots with higher-lofted clubs than its own standard model, resulting in more short-shot spin. 

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