The internal construction of the three balls in this family are distinct in their specifications for firmness and resilience to target golfers largely based on swing speed and type. Outside, though, the cast-urethane cover is very much the same with a focus on maximising greenside spin.

A participant in the direct-to-consumer game, Vice uses an online-fitting survey to help golfers narrow their choices. Still, the differences are clear: the Pro Plus uses two mantle layers and a cover with large, shallow dimples to better work for swing speeds of 110 miles per hour or more. The Pro Soft is designed for average swing-speed players (95 miles per hour or less) who are looking for soft feel with higher spin around the greens. Its three-piece, single-mantle construction features a compression that’s about a third less than the other two balls in the family. The standard Pro, also with a three-piece construction, has a softer compression than in the past but is still designed for swing speeds of 95 to 110 miles per hour.  

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